Back From Waterloo

That was fast…a whole term went by just like that -_-.

It’s difficult to believe I’m already done my 3A term, time sure flies, perhaps irregardless of whether you’re having fun or not.

Time just keeps ticking on and on like a relentless, oh I don’t know, time bomb or something. Not too long and we’ll all be graduated, working, with stock options…some of us may even be married with a loving spouse and 1.5 children… you never know…

Well, working at Next Level Games for the coming term. How often do you get a chance to program video games for a console as innovative as the Wii? This ought to be pretty fun, at the very least. I’m certainly excited to give being a video game programmer a shot.

Visited my old high school(s) today. It’s interesting to note how much time has changed old faces and personalities…


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