Classroom Symphonia

Just found some old poetry I wrote…

He asked her once,
   He asked her twice.
One would think
   That would suffice.

Instead she turns
   her gentle cheek,
“I won’t go out
   with such a geek.”

“Well fine” he says,
   a bit dismayed.
Inside, it’s like
   a small grenade.

“I wouldn’t want
   to be with you,
you silly, goggled

Taken aback,
   she hides away
the lunch she’d brought
   for him today.

Again they part.
   “It’s not today.”
They tuck their feelings
   safe away.

Instead of what
   was meant to be;
The perfect…

This poem is a work of fiction.  There is no relation to any real people, organizations, events, or other names and phenomena.  It’s all made up.  If anything seems familiar, it’s just your imagination.